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Massive Training Master Program Launched for 2012/13
- March 01, 2012

BAS considers the initial and recurrent training of our staff across the full spectrum of our business a top priority. It is of immense importance in order to improve the level of service to our passengers and airlines and advance as a company. Training is also an integral part of our human capital development strategy, setting out the value added benefits that our customers will gain when selecting and working with BAS.

Recognizing the immense importance of training in the daily performance of staff, a Training Masterplan was produced and put in action a massive initial and recurrent training program. A total of 2179 attendees are planned to go though 272 courses on top of other scheduled basic training modules. Emphasis is given on additional customer services training for Passenger Services staff. Additional workshops, driven by senior management, are systematically implemented focusing on key operational issues.

Training also extends to subcontractors’ workers, who are trained to enhance their skills, capabilities and qualifies them to perform assigned duties safely, timely and effectively. Training is being delivered in-house by BAS Training & Development Department while coordination with prestigious organizations like IATA is taking place for specialized courses or train-the-trainer schemes.

Managers are also encouraged to foster a value-based culture, promoting and providing guidance on ethical business practices and professional conduct with all our stakeholders such as passengers, airlines, authorities, suppliers and of course employees.

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