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Moving towards a Performance-based Company
- July 22, 2012

Moving towards a Performance-based Company

BAS, in line with our strategic objective to advance into a performance-based organization, has taken the lead in implementing a corporate-wide BAS Performance Monitoring System (BPMS). The system was developed internally by our IT senior experts based on a concept and under the directions of our Executive Management.

BPMS is a powerful tool to effect and drive change in the organization. The objective is to achieve systematic monitoring and benchmarking of our performance through a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined for the complete range of our business activities and services. Such a tool provides executives and senior management with a high-level, real-time view of the progress of our organization, facilitates, expedites and substantiates the decision making process and any actions to be taken in response to specific drawbacks, enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of our business, while more precise goals and objectives can be set for the future.

The foundation of the user friendly Oracle-based application is the new Business Unit structure of our Company. This structure is mainly driven by the corporate setup, the revenue-generating units (external or internal revenues), as well as the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that management deems appropriate to monitor separately. There are more than 600 defined measures (KPIs) for all key divisions and departments which are recorded and monitored systematically. The system provides unified data storage of business information that assists data collection, instant analysis and reporting. It provides data visualization by a combination of reports, charts and screen displays in an intuitive and insightful format.

BAS CEO, Mr. George Saounatsos, who personally oversaw the internal development of the system stated: "BAS is moving into a new era of a performance-based culture, shared responsibility and accountability as each General Manager, Senior Manager or Manager undertakes the leadership of its own Business Unit based on a clearly defined set of objectives and KPIs and commits to continuous improvement and enhancement of efficiencies"

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