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Modern in-flight cuisine contributes to the image and level of service of airlines. BAS Catering Services has built up an enviable reputation for service and quality at competitive prices. We cater for over 28 airlines flying through Bahrain as well as private and Royal Flights. We operate on a 24/7 basis out of a 11,000 sqm state-of-art In-Flight Catering Center situated within the Airport perimeter with a skilled staff of 760 dedicated employees. With a maximum daily capacity of 35,000 meals, an average of 500,000 meals per month are freshly prepared. In full compliance with international HACCP standards, in- flight meals, bonded stores and commissary items are assembled for individual requirements and delivered directly to the aircraft.

All working areas are fully air-conditioned while special duplex fresh air handling units are also provided in food handling areas. A total of 35 modular rooms, modern blast freezer as well as chillier equipment and defrost rooms with temperature control facilities are in operation. Specialized staff from our in-house hygiene laboratory carry out systematically microbiological and bacteriological qualitative testing of facilities, equipment and food. Food types are separated to avoid cross-contamination and the loading bays are designed to maintain the products at an optimum temperature level.

A dedicated, modern fleet of 32 refrigerated High Loaders guarantee seamless transport to the Aircraft. Facilities such as VIP kitchen, back-up generators, supply of ionic treated sweet water and dry compactors for recycling ensure high standards and quality. Our facilities and procedures adhere to the strictest Security standards, implemented by specially trained security staff, for all in-flight catering services offered to commercial flights as well as the Royal Flights.

Our Terminal Catering is managing and operating the Sky Restaurant at Bahrain International Airport departure concourse, while also preparing special meals for the premium passenger lounges.

Outdoor Catering

Dial +973 17321503/04/05 to speak to our Catering Officer.

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