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Traffic Services

BAS Traffic Services Division is a front line operation dealing with every aspect of ground handling at the airport. The division provides a comprehensive range of services to airlines, which includes passenger handling, full aircraft ramp handling, load control, airport operations, baggage handling, public inquiries related to flight information, etc.

BAS has been accredited by IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) for all operational functions. ISAGO Standards & Procedures are applied to all aspects of Traffic Services. The coordination of the various activities requires a highly skilled and trained team working around the clock to provide efficient and professional services to all passengers and customer airlines. The continuous change of the traffic profile and volumes requires BAS to methodically change and evolve in order to accommodate the more challenging and complex environment.

Our aim is to provide the highest level of service to our customer airlines and a congenial traveling experience to our passengers through Bahrain International Airport. A good long lasting impression to our passengers is critical to both the airline on which they are travelling as well as to the image and prestige of our airport.

As an integral part of Traffic Services, a Special Services Unit (SSU) is responsible for catering our passengers with special requirements or needs including the assistance and transfer of passengers from/to the aircraft by fully equipped Passenger Assistance Vehicles. The unit also ensures a first class handling for all premium passengers as well as of the corporate/executive aircraft. The Dilmun Premium Services, coordinated by the SSU, are also designed to facilitate both arriving and departing passengers with the airport processes and formalities in the quickest possible time. Furthermore, the tranquil environment and award winning facilities and services offered by our Dilmun Lounge to all premium passengers proves our passion and commitment to excellence.

Traffic Services offer also operational services including flight planning, NOTAMS, weather information, crew briefing and administration. Qualified staff is available to undertake these special tasks on a 24/7 basis.

Core Passenger Services department activities:

  • Full passenger handling (Check-In/Transfer Pax processing, UMs, etc.)
  • Special Services
  • Premium lounge operation (Dilmun Lounge)
  • Meet & Assist, CIP handling
  • Airlines Representation
  • Excess Baggage (OOG)
  • Mishandling Baggage (Lost & Found)
  • Forged visa & passport detection team
  • Enhanced OTP (On Time Performance) team
  • Airport Inquiries (Call Center, Info Counters, PAs, etc.)

Core Ramp Services department activities:

  • Load Control & Dispatch
  • Full aircraft ramp handling (loading/unloading, PBBs, boarding steps etc.)
  • VIP handling
  • Baggage Handling, BHS Control & Operation
  • ULD Unit Load Device storage and management
  • Pushback, Towing and Headset
  • Full GSE support: PCA, GPU, Air-Starters, etc.
  • Airport operational functions (Gate/Check-in Counter allocation, scheduling, etc.)

Ground Equipment Maintenance

Over 700 motorized vehicles are owned and operated by BAS to serve our airlines. Comprehensive maintenance programs and overhauls for all BAS Ground Support Equipment (GSE) fleet, as well as for other organizations ground equipment, are carried out by the maintenance workshop which is responsible for the repair, preventative and scheduled maintenance of all ground support equipment at the airport.

Motor Transport

This section provides a fleet of air-conditioned buses for transporting our passengers and airlines crew on a 24/7 basis. Additionally the section provides transportation for numerous other operational functions.

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